1. Streetlife see 400 different young people a year
  2. Princess Diana visited Streetlife in 1991
  3. Streetlife has received funding from Comic Relief
  4. Volunteers come from across the world to work at Streetlife eg. Ghana, New Zealand, Germany
  5. Streetlife was awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (MBE for groups) in 2011
  6. Children in Need has supported Streetlife
  7. 25 young people visit the Day Centre every day
  8. Local people cook lovely home-made meals and bring them to the shelter each night.
  9. Streetlife give out 40 Christmas hampers full of donations from local people.
  10. Princess Anne visited Streetlife in 2013
  11. A young person from Streetlife attended the first homeless youth parliament at Westminster in 2012
  12. The Streetlife shelter opened in 1992
  13. Streetlife started in 1982
  14. Streetlife is supported by 30+ local volunteers
  15. 100 life skills awards have been completed in 10 months
  16. One of Streetlife’s workers was the break dancing champion for Europe!
  17. The night shelter has 8 beds
  18. 70% of young people who come to Streetlife are male
  19. Streetlife receives support from The Amy Winehouse Foundation
  20. The most common reason for youth homelessness is family breakdown